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Our Mortgage Process

When you are looking for your dream home, you should be able to focus entirely on finding it rather than worrying about the mortgage process.

So that you can concentrate on your home search, we make the mortgage process easy. Here is what to expect when you apply for a home loan with Pacific Mortgage Group.

The mortgage process starts when you call (951) 531-1399 to schedule a consultation. Your consultation gives you a chance to ask your questions and describe your goals.

Our loan experts will listen and ask you questions to understand your scenario, which will help us match you with the right loan product.

We will also answer all of your questions in as much detail as you need to understand the process of buying a home and the different loan types.

After the consultation, we will pre-approve you for a home loan. Mortgage pre-approval helps you out in a couple of ways:

• You find out how much home you can afford.
• When you negotiate with sellers, you can show them the pre-approval letter.

Mortgage pre-approval can really help move the home search process forward.

Next, it is time for you to apply for a mortgage. This process involves an assessment of your credit score, debt-to-income ratio, income and employment history.

The documents you need to provide depend on whether you are an employee or you are self-employed. We have streamlined processes in place to make it easy either way.

The next step is one you don’t have to worry about, because we take care of it. While we carry out the appraisal and underwriting, you can proceed with your house hunt.

As you wait for final approval, we provide conditional approval, which comes with a loan commitment.

There might be a requirement for a few pending documents. Once you provide those documents, we can submit them.

After the last stages of underwriting are complete, we issue the final approval on your home loan.

Now the only thing left to take care of is closing and giving you your keys. Then you can move into your dream home.

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