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Choosing a Mortgage Broker in Corona

Mortgage Broker in Corona CA

Buying a home in Corona involves hunting for your dream home as well as finding your dream mortgage.

To do that, you need a dream team on your side that is going to go the extra mile for you. Below are some tips for how to choose the right mortgage company in Corona.

  1. Pick a local mortgage company. When you are deciding on a mortgage company near me, you have two options: a big box nationwide lender, or a small local boutique mortgage company. A small mortgage company offers you three major benefits over a big box lender:
    • They know the local real estate market better.
    • They have more time and attention to offer you.
    • They are more likely to put in the effort needed to work with you if you have a unique loan scenario.

      Pacific Mortgage Group is based right here in Corona. Since 2006, we have been connecting our neighbors in the Corona area with flexible mortgages for a wide range of needs.
  2. Pick a Corona mortgage broker, not a direct lender. Over recent years, you may have noticed that there are a lot of companies calling themselves “mortgage brokers” rather than direct lenders. Have you ever wondered what the difference is between them? A mortgage lender originates a loan for you directly. A mortgage broker connects you with a lender. The advantage of a mortgage broker is that the broker does not work with just one lender; they work with many lenders throughout the Corona area. A broker can quickly and efficiently bring you the most competitive rates, sparing you the effort of calling lender after lender on your own. You can get a great deal with much less work by going through a broker. That means moving through the mortgage process more quickly and easily.
  3. Work with a company that is versed in a wide range of financial scenarios. Every homebuyer has an individual credit score, income, employment situation, and set of goals for their future. Big box lenders often do not account for all of these variables; they just try to work with every homebuyer the same way. Pacific Mortgage Group does not work that way. We approach every borrower as an individual, and are ready to help out in a wide range of situations. We are very well-versed in reading business and personal tax returns. We also are experts at working with borrowers who own multiple businesses and properties. Our team are experts with difficult loans, but we love easy ones too. No matter your scenario, we can help you buy a home.
  4. Choose a mortgage broker in California that can match you with the right type of loan. There isn’t just one type of loan. There are many types of mortgages to suit borrowers with diverse requirements. Pacific Mortgage Group offers VA loans, conventional loans, jumbo loansFHA loansUSDA loans, non-QM loans and mortgages for self-employed borrowers. We also provide home renovation loans and reverse mortgages.
  5. Work with a California mortgage company that will have your back over the long term. When you close and get the keys to your new home, you are just starting to pay off your mortgage. Over the years ahead, you need a trusted partner that will stand by you to make sure that your home loan is still suiting your financial needs as they evolve. So, you should pick a company that has the long term in mind, and works hard to make sure you are happy with your mortgage not just today, but years from now. Pacific Mortgage Group’s loan team enjoys building these long-term relationships. Whether you are right here in Corona with us or you are elsewhere in CA or one of the other states we serve, we will always support you like our neighbor.

Buy a Home or Refinance in Corona or Beyond

Now you have an idea what to look for when you are choosing your Corona mortgage broker. Please contact us today at (951) 531-1399 to schedule your mortgage consultation. We can work with you in Corona or throughout California. We also serve homebuyers and homeowners in Florida, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado and Washington State.


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