Fitness to Maintain Your Back

Of course, everyone is aware that we need to exercise and make fitness a part of our life, but how many people actually find time in their schedule to do it. Many people may not realize they are more likely to experience lower back pain if they don’t exercise. Lack of exercise usually causes weight gain which is just one cause for the aching back. But there is another link between lack of exercise and back pain. When you exercise, you are strengthening the muscles in the part of your body that supports your whole frame. So, strong muscles help keep the back from experiencing pain.

Approximately 60 – 80 % of adults in the U.S. complain of back pain, making it the second most common reason for a doctor visit. Another source puts the number of people who suffer from back pain problems at 65 million. It’s definitely an issue that has affected not just the sufferers, but our whole society; employers estimate a $7.4 billion/year loss due to workers age 40-65 who are suffering from back pain issues. If you are one of the many who have acute or chronic back pain, here are 4 natural back pain remedies to try that will pave the way for your fitness goals.


Stretching the muscles is a great way to start your day. Just how does stretching make a difference for back pain sufferers? The back is made up of muscles, tendons, and ligaments referred to as soft tissue. The soft tissues all need to move or they tend to tighten up; with the restricted movement, pain results. As you begin to stretch those muscles again, slowly working the tightness out, you will see back pain subside. Your range of motion will be greater, too. Stretching is a must after strength training also.


Yoga involves holding very specific body positions in place that target the back and abdomen muscle groups. These muscle groups aid in supporting the spine, so when strengthened, lower back pain is eased. Yoga is also a great exercise for strength building or muscle toning.

Improve posture

You have probably heard it before – “stand up straight or you’ll hurt your back.” With the various sedentary job positions, many people must work at proper posture. Poor posture puts a strain on the back muscles and spine. If not corrected, it will lead to further problems with the back and neck. Correcting the posture is a simple way to keep the muscles, ligaments, and discs in alignment and free from back pain.

As people make fitness a lifelong partner in their life, they become more productive and happy. If you would like more information about Pacific Mortgage Group, please contact us today!