Home Gardening: Celebrate and Personalize Your Investment

Home garden tools

Home Gardening is a simple and fulfilling way to celebrate your investment and increase your property value.

An attractive and functional garden is the first thing appraisers see when assessing the value of your property. Even if the monetary value does not significantly increase, the aesthetic addition of a garden will be an indelible first impression on appraisers.

  • The most practical and economical way of personalizing your home garden is to start with native water-efficient trees. Your trees provide a canopy for the rest of the garden to function. If there are already established trees that you wish to keep, the next task is to decide what will grow in harmony with your trees. Native plants, once established, will take the least amount of water and labor, to maintain, since they grow wild in your region.
  • Investing in an attractive garden will enhance and compliment the architecture of your house. Choosing trees and plants, hopefully native, that complement the design of your home, will make your home more attractive. Consider landscaping ornamentals like rocks, decorative outdoor antiques, statues and water features that match your architectural features, trees, and plants. You do not necessarily need to have a full, lush and romantic garden, like those seen on television or in magazines to grow a beautiful garden, that accentuates your home. Make sure your plans are realistic and that your design is simple, balancing easy to maintain natives and decorative elements that reflect your style.
  • Finally, imagine if you lived in your home garden. What would you need to be comfortable? What do you enjoy seeing, smelling, and hearing? How and where would you entertain guests?

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